Renate Gasiorek's background

  • university studies in English and Russian
  • university language lab manager
  • work experience in the hotel industry in England
  • examination for high-school teaching in English and Russian, theoretical part
  • high-school teacher training and state examination in English and Russian, –practical part
  • studies at the Institut für Fremdsprachen- und Auslandskunde in English and Russian
  • several years of teaching at different types of schools
  • university research assignment (English Linguistics)
  • training to be a suggestopedic language trainer (SKILL)
  • 12 years of industrial experience at Loher GmbH (now Siemens AG Ruhstorf), language training, HR development, customer care and seminars for customers, marketing, translating and interpreting
  • training to be NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  • self-employed language and communication trainer since 1998


I am a member of the following organisations:

  • IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)
  • DGSL (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suggestopädisches Lehren und Lernen)