ICUnet.AG make success global


ICUnet.AG is the leader in service, innovation and quality for assignment management, relocation services, intercultural consultation, and qualifications with offices in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Fürth, Hamburg, Leipzig, Münster, Passau, Shanghai, Stuttgart, and Vienna. Over 130 permanent employees and more than 350 freelance employees make up an interdisciplinary team of specialists with expertise in more than 75 countries. As an intercultural consultation company ICUnet.AG is also able to provide all intercultural services associated with the assignment management process. This synergistic effect is unique.
ICUnet.AG has 26 DAX and 11 Euro Stoxx listed companies and over 250 family-run Hidden Champions of the European economy among its clients. In order to guarantee its clients innovative services and expertise of the highest standard, ICUnet.AG invests continuously in research and development. Many awards attest ICUnet.AG’'s innovative concept and company success.